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Oilfield Freight Factoring

The oil and gas industry can be full of booms and busts, which is why Love's Financial is here to provide financial consistency for your business. Our customized factoring solution is a simple process in which you sell us your accounts receivable and collect funds within 24 hours instead of the traditional 60 to 90 days. Regardless of your specialty within the oilfield, our funding is here to increase your cash flow while saving you time and money. Click here to get a quote today! 

Advantages of Oilfield Factoring with Love's Financial

  • Love's exclusive bundled discounts on fuel, tires and maintenance.
  • Customized factoring solutions tailored specifically for your business.
  • Scalable funding to maximize growth and cash flow for your business.
  • Next-day payment.
  • Collections and Invoice billing support.
  • Multilingual sales and operations teams.
  • Dedicated account representatives specialized in trucking and oilfield industries.
  • Credit flexibility for debtors with extended-pay terms.

Who Should Use Oilfield Factoring?

  • All hauler types: vacuum, water, hot oil, sand and more.
  • Drivers interested in our lowest rates.
  • Content with a minimal reserve.
  • Maximize the cash from your invoices.