Integrated fueling services at Love's Travel Stops

Welcome To The Fast Lane

Only Love's offers an integrated, in-lane fueling experience for Class 8 trucks in every lane of our travel stops nationwide.

Love's is the only travel stop to combine cardless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, DEF, Fast-Fill CNG and TirePass (where available) in the same lanes your drivers currently use for diesel, to give your fleet the time-saving convenience of single-lane access to multiple fueling solutions. 

No other full-service travel stop combines fast, easy on-and-off highway access, acceptance of most fleet fueling cards, integrated, in-lane fueling at safe and well-illuminated properties, along with on-site amenities such as showers, restaurants and more. 

Love's Express Credit

More Ways to Pay

At Love's, we're committed to saving you both time and money. That makes QuikQ and our RFID technology the tech for you. Contact an Application Specialist today to see how our Love's Express and Universal Billing programs can help you save time and money at the pump! Apply Now at 1-844-417-2300 or email LovesCETsales@loves.com to get started.


Services from QuikQ

The QuikQ platform first pioneered the use of RFID tags to process fuel transactions with the SmartQ solution. Using the same technology, QuikQ now also provides a few other efficient solutions including Q-Access, Q-Fuel, Q-Image and Q-Wash.

Providing flexibility on the road for your team of drivers, QuikQ also offers cash advances, Q-Check, and coming soon, a payroll card function.

To learn more about these solutions, log on to www.quikq.com.

Ready To Go Cardless?

More fleets enjoy the convenience of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cardless fueling with Love's because every transaction is faster, more secure and much more convenient than using a traditional fuel card.  That's why Love's offers RFID technology in every lane at our travel stops nationwide.

In seconds, your driver can install an RFID tag to the truck's windshield and begin cardless fueling.

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