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Love's Universal Billing Program

Advantages of Love's Universal:

Love's Universal Billing Program

Love’s Universal is the flexible and convenient billing program fleets have been waiting for. Issued by QuikQ, this new payment solution creates a unique and impactful opportunity for every truck on the highway. Love’s Universal will bring you value with our Special Offers at Love’s Travel Stops and the universal ability to purchase fuel and other products over the road at several major truck stops.

You will have four ways to pay for fuel and other products including card payment, SmartQ (RFID), Love’s Pay (Mobile App) and Start Codes. With the secure, integrated and comprehensive fuel purchase system, you’ll also have increased visibility to control your fleet’s fuel usage.

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Additional Services from QuikQ

The QuikQ platform first pioneered the use of RFID tags to process fuel transactions with the SmartQ solution. Using the same technology, QuikQ now also provides a few other efficient solutions including Q-Access, Q-Fuel, Q-Image and Q-Wash.

Providing flexibility on the road for your team of drivers, QuikQ also offers cash advances, Q-Check, and coming soon, a payroll card function.

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Read the Love's Universal Account Holder Agreement.