A truck care technician performing TirePass service on a truck in the service center

What is TirePass?

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TirePass is a full-service tire inflation and assessment service available at any Love’s or Speedco location across the country. Getting your tires checked regularly prevents roadside emergencies and increases fuel efficiency in addition to maximizing the life of your tires. Making TirePass part of your drivers pre-trip inspection can also inform them of any tire related concerns that could result in a Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) compliance violation down the road.

With the growth of the Love’s and Speedco Nationwide Network, TirePass has evolved in delivery method always meeting the needs of customers wherever they need it. TirePass is offered in-lane at Love’s Travel Stops, inside a Truck Care or Speedco service center and in some instances with a mobile unit available for usage on site at a terminal.

Benefits of TirePass

With TirePass, you’ll gain a previously unattainable level of visibility and control over your fleet’s tires. TirePass captures and collects data on every tire in your fleet, without any additional effort from you or your drivers. The condition of each tire is assessed, addressed and summarized in a report. The results of the report are made available to you via the Love’s Connect Portal, and red flag alerts regarding areas of immediate concern are sent directly to your email. Your driver instantly receives a printed version of the same report, and if maintenance is needed, it can be performed on-site at our truck care center.

Ensure CSA Compliance

Urging your drivers to use TirePass as part of their pre-trip inspection or when in our service center for a routine PM or DOT inspection will ensure any potential tire related compliance violations are identified and addressed before they get back out on the road.

Save Time and Money

TirePass helps significantly lower your costs of ownership by giving you the ability to take a proactive approach to ensuring CSA compliance, preventing costly roadside emergencies and maximizing tire life. By implementing the use of TirePass as part of your driver’s on the road routines, they’ll have one less thing to worry about on a daily basis.

Use TirePass only at Love's Travel Stops

How TirePass Works In-Lane

Getting your tires checked is fast and easy, and at Love's, you can have them checked while you fuel to get you back on the road quickly.

  1. Pull up to the TirePass fuel lane.

  2. Press the button on the call box.

  3. Pull forward when a team member raises the TirePass arm.

  4. A tire technician will arrive to check and fill your tires while you fuel.

  5. Go inside to get your TirePass report and pay with your My Love Rewards credits.