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What is Freight Factoring?


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Freight factoring is a financing method in which a trucking company sells their accounts receivable at a discount to a third-party funding source to increase cash flow. In other words, Love’s Financial buys invoices for the loads you’ve already delivered then collects from your customer. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: our team will prepare a customized plan based on the needs of your business. Once approved and setup is complete, you simply send us your invoices along with proof of delivery and Love’s will pay you within 24 hours and generally the same day. You can continue to focus on running your business while we collect from your customer. When you freight factor with Love’s Financial, you also have greater access to the many other Love’s products and services and all delivered with the Love’s commitment to outstanding Customer service.

Need to learn more or ready to apply? Call us at 1-855-495-5683 today!

Benefits of Freight Factoring with Love’s Financial

  • High Advances: Up to 99% access to cash from your invoices

  • Professional Receivables Management: Back office support, billing, collections and a dedicated account representative

  • 24/7 Online Access: Review account, reporting, free debtor checks and ongoing credit support

  • Fast & Flexible Financing: Hassle free account setup, no hidden fees, and same day or next day funding

Need to learn more or ready to apply? Call us at 1-855-495-5683 today!

Let our Freight Factoring Specialist show you why Love’s is “The Better Way to Factor.”  We offer both Non-Recourse and Recourse options with factoring facilities for individual invoices up to large receivable portfolios. 

Freight Factoring with Love’s Financial = Your Partner On.... and Off the Road.  To learn more about Freight Factoring with Love’s Financial, call us at 1-855-495-LOVES (1-855-495-5683) or fill out this form online.