Essential Love’s-branded auto products you need in your truck year-round


Love's is committed to excellence and innovation in all aspects of its business. Quality Love's-branded products continue to be added, but did you know Love's has auto and diesel maintenance products, too? Love's used its expertise in all things road related to bring customers a top-of-line range of products that you can trust in your vehicle.

The Love's brand proudly offers diesel fuel injector cleaner, diesel exhaust fluid, diesel fuel anti-gel and other motor oil and truck oil products. Take a look at some customer favorites below! You can find them all at a Love's near you.

Love's Anti-gel

Love's diesel fuel anti-gel outperforms top competitors, AND has a lower freeze point so your engine will keep running all winter long.

Love's Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

This product is new to the Love's lineup, but it's arguably the most important for the health of your vehicle. Love's diesel injector fluid will keep your fuel tank free of buildup, so your engine runs at top performance.

Love's DEF

Love's diesel exhaust fluid reduces the amount of air pollution created by your diesel engine.

Love's Anti-freeze

This product protects your engine from overheating and corrosion over time.

Love's 15W40 Oil

Pick this up at a Love's near you to extend the engine life on your over-the-road diesel truck.

Love's Windshield Washer Fluid

Keeps your windshield clean no matter what the temperature - above or below freezing.

Love's 10W30 Oil

Love's 10W30 oil protects your engine from the moment it starts, so you can keep hauling heavy loads.